[PLUG-TALK] memory designations and suggestions

Russell Senior russell at personaltelco.net
Sun Jun 22 11:53:28 PDT 2014

>>>>> "Denis" == Denis Heidtmann <denis.heidtmann at gmail.com> writes:

Denis> My Asus M3N78-VM MB presently has 2 GB ram made up of two 1G
Denis> ddr2-800 modules.  It can take up to 8GB using four 2GB
Denis> modules.  I am confused about what memory designations are
Denis> compatible.  The MB manual uses the terms
Denis> single-side/double-sided which seem to be missing in present
Denis> listings.

Denis> Ideally I would like to fully load it, but have not seen these
Denis> 2GB modules for a reasonable price.  Newegg and ENU show little
Denis> stock.  Is 2GB at EOL?  An alternative would be to add two 2GB
Denis> to get to 6GB total or two 1GB to get to 4GB total, (but 1GB
Denis> may be even less available.)

Denis> My questions: What designations pin down compatibility and
Denis> where might I find something?

I usually just look at crucial.com

You can use their "Crucial Advisor Tool", to pick the Manufacturer,
Product Line and Model, and it'll tell you what kind of modules you
want/need.  Then you can either buy the modules from them, or take the
specs to a different vendor.

Russell Senior, President
russell at personaltelco.net

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