[PLUG-TALK] Software Release Nomenclature

Paul Heinlein heinlein at madboa.com
Thu Mar 26 15:30:33 PDT 2015

On Thu, 26 Mar 2015, Michael Rasmussen wrote:

> In small companies that's a great tradition. Where I work it's all 
> <DEVICE CODE><LOCATION CODE><Serial> boring boring.

The larger the company, the more necessary that sort of scheme 
becomes, though I prefer that asset tags be the index, sort of like an 
autoincrement index in a database table.

So you can have official names like rs-123456, prn-234567, and 
sw-345678 to use for inventory, insurance, and whatnot -- but you can 
still use CNAMES or other aliases for informal use.

> for jamhome.us I chose host names reflecting where critters could 
> live
> apt
> barn
> bivy
> cabin
> flat
> hill (ant)
> hive
> nest

Plus, these have the virtue of being short and easy to type. Good 

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