[PLUG-TALK] How secure is Comcast email?

Russell Senior russell at personaltelco.net
Wed Apr 27 23:09:23 PDT 2016

>>>>> "John" == John Jason Jordan <johnxj at comcast.net> writes:

John> The history of using Navajo for military code is interesting. I
John> doubt it would work today, given that the language has been
John> extensively documented, more so than any other North American
John> native language. What made it work in WWII was the fact that the
John> documentation was largely unavailable outside the U.S. (no
John> internet), the language is massively different from Japanese or
John> any Indo-European language (both agglutinative and fusional), and
John> there were few linguists around to assist.

I was going to suggest Basque, but the PNW had its share of Basque
immigrants.  Who knows, your eavesdropper might end up being Basque, then
where will you be?

If encryption and offline key exchange aren't an option, I still like
mailed hardcopy.  

Once my wife was in Shanghai and needed her PIN for the ATM, so she
would have enough cash to take a taxi to the airport.  I assumed all our
communications were monitored (this was pre-Snowden, when we thought
only "evil" countries did such things).  We were chatting on IRC.  The
idea was that we'd permute her PIN with a number we both knew but no one
else would.  That way i could encrypt her PIN and she could decrypt it.
I still have the chat log where I walked her though my idea.  It was
kind of fun.  I had her take precautions against leaving an impression
on the hotel tablet.  She did get weird "oh, look an update for your
windows software" while she was there.  Not suspicious at all.

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