[PLUG-TALK] A plea for assistance from any Comcast customers

Vedanta Teacher orevedantateacher at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 13:41:58 PDT 2016


I went through the links:
hostpond.com : Very slow 15-20 seconds to connect
spam.hostpond.com : DNS error
apple.hostpond.com/webmail: Very slow (as above)
tilikum.hostpond.com/webmail : DNS error
portal.hostpond.com: DNS error

I'm on a Comcast cable & a fast machine Intel i3 chip
W/6 gig RAM and I went to www.speedtest.net
and this is what came back:
Download: 94.04
Upload: 11.94
PING: 15ms

I hope this helps.

Paul W.

On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 12:01 PM, Richard Powell <plug at hackhawk.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm writing (desperately pleading) for assistance from any Comcast
> customers that may have a few moments of time.  I am concerned for the
> stability of my business at this point (Host Pond Web Hosting).
> As of Thursday of this week, at least one core Comcast DNS server
> ( has stopped resolving hostpond.com (intermittently only),
> as well as several critical sub-domains, such as (mx.hostpond.com) which
> is the core email router for nearly every single customer that I have.
> I'm getting tons of complaints of undelivered email because of this.
> What I'm asking first is, can any Comcast customers test the following
> websites to see if they are resolving?  I'd like to know what percentage
> of Comcast customers are not able to see the hostpond.com domain names.
> http://www.hostpond.com
> https://spam.hostpond.com
> http://apple.hostpond.com/webmail
> http://tilikum.hostpond.com/webmail
> https://portal.hostopnd.com
> If you're able to run an nslookup command directly against the
> that would be even more direct.  The reason I'm asking is
> because I want to ensure that the rage I'm currently feeling is not
> entirely misplaced.  Am I imagining this problem?  Or, is there really
> something wrong with my DNS configuration that I'm just not seeing?
> DNSStuff just reported a really blizzard result that I've not seen
> before.  But it gives too many possible scenarios as to why the failure
> occurred.
> If you do find that you're unable to resolve these addresses through
> Comcast, and further have a little more time, perhaps you can lodge a
> complaint with Comcast's support team and ask them to investigate
> deeper?  They refused to let me speak to an engineer, insisting that the
> problem lies with my network.  But they won't help me troubleshoot the
> problem any further.  They have absolved themselves of this problem in
> their minds.
> Thanks in advance for any stats you can provide to me, and for any
> complaints lodged with Comcast.
> Richard Powell
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