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Can I still vote for Eisenhower? " I like Ike."

On Sat, Oct 1, 2016 at 11:34 PM, Keith Lofstrom <keithl at kl-ic.com> wrote:

> OK, so many of you are probably voting for "Giant Meteor
> in 2016 - end this NOW".  For the few of us supporting
> minor party candidates ignored or lambasted by the
> monopoly media, the only favorable mention they will
> get is campaign badges (buttons), lawn signs, etc.
> The usual campaign badge has a stick-pin clasp, which
> can tear holes in clothing.  However, if you have a
> dead 3.5 inch hard drive, you can disassemble it and
> remove the "coil magnet", the curved arc of very
> powerful magnet that works with the coil at the other
> end of the head arm.  A very powerful magnet, about
> 1 by 4 centimeters, usually glued onto a larger steel
> plate.  The magnet can sometimes be pried loose from
> the plate with a thin-bladed screwdriver or a putty
> knife blade.  Or just leave the plate attached.
> I remove the clasp and stickpin from the back of the
> campaign button with wire cutters, and use the magnet
> inside my shirt to hold onto the steel back of the
> badge.  Holds very firmly without straining the cloth.
> Be sure to use the magnet to degauss the disk platter
> and erase your data, then make something artful with
> the shiny platter, too.  Perhaps print "Linus Torvalds
> for President" on it with a sharpie and attach that to
> your shirt.  Or write "ISIS membership list" on it and
> mail it to the NSA.
> I hope to see a lot of minor party buttons out there,
> and non-torn clothes so that the poor (and cheapskates
> like me) can buy them at Goodwill someday.
> And don't worry about wasting your vote.  You are
> in Oregon, whose few electoral college votes haven't
> decided an election since Rutherford B. Hayes.  You
> wasted your vote by moving here, a very smart thing
> to do, because you can vote however the hell you want,
> without consequences.  Reelect Hayes!
> Keith
> P.S.  The magnets are POWERFUL and can snap at you.
> I have a bruise on my thumb where it got pinched
> between the magnet and a bench vise.
> --
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