[PLUG-TALK] Frontier FIOS, routable IP?

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Sat Oct 29 08:06:53 PDT 2016

On Fri, 28 Oct 2016, Larry Brigman wrote:

> I'm getting FIOS for 34.95/month for the 25/25 DN/UP internet only
> service.

   This thread has caught my interest and I'd like your collective wisdom
whether making a change makes sense for me.

   Now I have Frontier copper supporting the office phone and fax (same wire,
distinctive ringing) and ADSL to my ISP for a bit more than $50/month. My
ISP hosts my two domains and my web site (fairly small at approximately 23M
in the local version) and costs about $58/mo (which I've paid annually for
the slight discount that provides).

   I can explore the cost of Frontier FiOS ('Net access only) unless that
would accommodate the distinctive ring fax number, too. (Yes, there's still
a need for fax now and then.) When I've spoken with clients whose phone
service was VoIP (usually remote areas of Washington and Nevada) the call
quality was middling at best and not that reliable.

   Then there's the question of where to host my web site. I've not the time
nor expertise to keep it tightly secured if hosted in-house.

   I appreciate your thoughts on making the change from DSL to FiOS; unless
I'm downloading very large data sets (e.g., LiDAR topography for a 7.5" topo
quad at about 3G), I've no real need for very high speed since I don't
stream TV, movies, or music.

   How would all this be configured, and could I expect savings from the
approximately $1,300/yr this all now costs (plus cell and satellite phone
service, but those don't move to fiber.)



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