[PLUG-TALK] Cyclists in Forest Park

Tomas Kuchta tomas.kuchta.lists at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 20:15:33 PST 2017

Clearly, my "smart" comment about "why Forrest park cycling on PLUG" was
seen out of place. Thank you for pointing that out publicly Russell and
shining light at it.

I understand and respect the fact that this forum is open to any kind of
comments, within reason of course. That, I thought, have included equal
openness to respond and shape this forum - which I attempted - perhaps not
eloquently enough.

My intention was to point out that cycling in Forrest Pk. is long way from
Linux, interwebs, even BSD.

I do not doubt that it was well meant, thought talking about it here is
kind of far from Forrest Pk. to have any effect there.

Speaking in the right forum is important. There is not much effect in
protesting president/FCC/badCyclists/pickYourIssue on PLUG - when the place
and time is in a pub, at home, public square before election and ultimately
at the ballot box.

To me - PLUG is an oasis for nerdy stuff, like Slashdot/ArsTechnica/...
used to be before they turned into general forums and waste of time. Since
this is the right place, I want everyone to know that; know me, know their
audience. For that I must speak up and face your responses and judgement.

So, K doesn't like cyclists in Forrest Pk. and I am not in favor of
bringing it here. No difference in the type of speech to me - call me nerd!

I have nothing against anybody here personally - respect and building
relationships needs this kind of exchange - in my opinion.

That is all there is to it.

On Dec 20, 2017 10:44 AM, "Russell Senior" <russell at personaltelco.net>

> >>>>> "Tomas" == Tomas Kuchta <tomas.kuchta.lists at gmail.com> writes:
> Tomas> There are bike Lanes and there are PLUG Lanes.  Encountering non
> Tomas> Linux bike issues on PLUG list is as frightening to encounter
> Tomas> bikes on those pedestrian Lanes.
> Tomas> So, I agree, keep bikes away .... Think of the geeks!
> Historically, PLUG-TALK has been very tolerant of off-topic topics, so I
> think talking about allowing (or not) bikes on trails in Forest Park, or
> fluoridation of water (maybe General Ripper was right!) is okay here.
> Part of the idea is that the PLUG community might want to talk about
> things not so Linux/Unix, and we needed a place for that to happen away
> from the main PLUG list, where it truly annoyed people for being
> off-topic.  Being a member of PLUG-TALK implies a tolerance of
> off-topicness.  That is its function.
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