[PLUG-TALK] Looking for some oldies

Pete Lancashire pete at petelancashire.com
Tue Jan 17 11:36:13 PST 2017

Not for Linux so posting on the off topic list

Though I'd ask before it gets sent to FG and never to be seen again

VME cards

QIC-150 SCSI tape drive

VXI cards

SCSI-1 or SCSI-2

Rocky Mountain Basic and HP Basic

HP-UX V6 to V9

I'm restoring two old 68K based systems, one is a HP 9000/300 series
that internally used SCSI-1 or 2 drives, the two I have had the drives
removed by the seller. The drives were 50 Pin. The 385 ran HP-UX and
could use either RMB or HP Basic. I'll need the Basic for a while
since some of the software I have is around 10,000 lines.

The other system I'm building up for just for fun is a VME setup. It's the one
that will need a QIC-150 tape drive if I'm going to use the O/S that was from


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