[PLUG-TALK] Cell phone voice quality

Bill Barry bill at billbarry.org
Thu Jan 19 09:36:23 PST 2017

On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 6:07 PM, Rich Shepard <rshepard at appl-ecosys.com>

>    I would like to learn which "smartphones" have good voice quality.
> Several
> folks I speak with use only their cellular phones and many have very poor
> voice quality. There often is what sounds like static in the call and it's
> difficult to understand what's being said even without the extraneous white
> noise.
>    Perhaps this lack of voice quality is due to manufacturers putting more
> effort into taking digital images, browsing the web, and sending text
> messages
> than to actually using the phone to make phone calls.
>    Android phones seem to have better quality than iPhones, but there may
> well be differences among brands and models.
>    Has anyone similar experiences with cellular phones?
> Rich

Rich, it is possible to get good voice quality with many newer phones, but
both phones in the conversation have to support the higher quality
protocol. Here is a good article about this topic:

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