[PLUG-TALK] Any experience with constant contact?

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Wed Jun 28 09:49:55 PDT 2017

   One organization of which I am a member sends out a weekly e-mail
newsletter via contstantcontact.com. For some reason they do not reach my
inbox and my mail logs do not show any communications with that domain or
that of the organization. This makes it difficult for me to learn where the
newsletters are getting lost.

   Has anyone here experience with contstant contact? I'd like to learn if
they're blocked by a RBL 'cause I don't see any rejections in the logs.

   Their domain is registered in Germany; whois does not provide an IP
address for them so I can't add that to the rhsbl_sender_exceptions

   All thoughts welcome.


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