[PLUG-TALK] Was: [PLUG] procmail: diagnosing error [RESOLVED]

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Fri Jan 19 15:35:59 PST 2018

On Fri, 19 Jan 2018, Chuck Hast wrote:

> Glad that you were able to make procmail happy, irate applications really
> can make one miserable.

   Or, miserable applications can make one irate.

> As to the roaster cleaning: Ohh, I think I can give you a good one to do
> that, either ethyl alcohol ( as near 100% as you can get it, I get it at
> the labs where I do instrument service, not to drink but to clean B-])
> Or xylene, also get that at the labs where I do service, what the alcohol
> will not remove the xylene will take care of.

   I bought (on eBay) boxes of coffee oil remover (Cleancaf; sodium carbonate
and sodium percarbonate). That'll do the job, but I let it go too long and
the chaf catcher screen is quite clogged.

> By way that alcohol, very drinkable but not straight.... It is VERY dry. I
> use it not only to clean instruments, but to get the water out of them.

   When I finished my undergrad degree the Biology Dept. held a winter
holiday party at the end of the fall semester. The chair allowed us to use
about 500ml of absolute alcohol (100%; 200 proofe) mixed with ginger all in
a large bowl with dry ice pucks to keep it cold and produce a lot of vapor
over the bowl. Many faculty and students spent a few hours stretched out on
lab benches until sober enough to drive home. The department covered the
alcohol accounting since it was kept locked up and carefully tracked. :-)

> Mind the xylene, it will remove things you do not want to remove, but it
> sure cleans stainless up nicely.

   Does it work well on politicians? Haven't tried it before on them.


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