[PLUG-TALK] Any decent banks without third party trackers?

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Mon Jan 22 15:29:03 PST 2018

On Mon, 22 Jan 2018, Tomas Kuchta wrote:

> Here is my takeaway:
> * No suggestions of a bank which would not talk about their customer to
> unrelated third parties.


   What information about you has you concerned?

   Why would a bank share your financial information with third parties only
if your transactions are made on-line via their web site?

> * In general people seems to be content with this behavior from the
> financial institutions.

   Don't banks share information with other financial institutions even if a
customer has no web account? What would you suggest be done?

> * In general, people do not expect banking to be private. As per - banks
> should not even suggest that they manage anyone's account, not to mention
> what, how and when people use them.

   It would be nice, but not realistic. When insurance companies use credit
scores to calculate premiums, and banks (and other financial institutions)
checks credit scores so they can send marketing materials to prospective
loan customers, there's not much any of us can do other than put cash
between the mattresses or bury it in the back yard.

> * People I have talked outside this list - have no idea and interest what
> is going on in respect to their privacy.

   Heh! Look at how people share everything about their lives, including
their location and travels using their phones.


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