[PLUG-TALK] Washington County Library web interface changes

Russell Senior russell at personaltelco.net
Tue Oct 2 12:05:08 PDT 2018

>>>>> "Keith" == Keith Lofstrom <keithl at kl-ic.com> writes:

Keith> A Washington County librarian friend warns me that big changes
Keith> are planned for the online web interface, and the IT folks aren't
Keith> telling the librarians much about the details.

Keith> One hinted-at change is that individual user saved title lists
Keith> will be merged into one list ... or they might disappear.  So,
Keith> save your title lists elsewhere.

Fwiw, historically under Freedom-to-Read principles, libraries don't
keep records of what you have checked out after they are no longer
needed (i.e. after you have returned the material). The departure from
those principles generally requires opt-in.

See Priority 1, item 4:


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