[PLUG-TALK] Can RJ-11 telephone wires differ?

Dick Steffens dick at dicksteffens.com
Sun Oct 7 13:24:20 PDT 2018

On 10/07/2018 01:09 PM, Rich Shepard wrote:

> Can RJ-11 plugs be wired differently so only the one provided by VTech
> will work on their phone? I've always been able to use anyone's telephone
> line with any phone system so I'm trying to figure out why the new phone
> won't work. Yes, the power is properly connected and I'm using the 
> correct
> signal line (the old residence line has been dead for years.)

Sorry. I hit return before finishing.

So just swap the red and green with the black and yellow in the wall, 
and you now have "line 2" on the jack as "line 1".


Dick Steffens

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