[PLUG-TALK] Deleting facebook account

Keith Lofstrom keithl at kl-ic.com
Mon Oct 15 10:52:07 PDT 2018

I doubt there is an answer for this, but ...

Long, long ago, I set up a facebook account.  A few weeks
later, I decided facebook sucked and deleted it.  Except
the account is back, with a new password, and the "change
password" code allegedly sends to my email but doesn't.

I'll keep trying to negotiate their maze (one path
ends up at "ask your friends" ) but I suspect I am
stuck in facebook purgatory forever. 

If any of you gets connection messages to keithl
or keithlofstrom at facebook, that isn't me.

And someday, you won't be you.  Facebook is evil.


Keith Lofstrom          keithl at keithl.com

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