[PLUG-TALK] Caja Rename Behavior Changed

Dick Steffens dick at dicksteffens.com
Mon Sep 10 16:09:45 PDT 2018

My normal production involves making copies of template files, and then 
renaming them to match the name of an audio file I'm transcribing. The 
normal procedure is to right-click on the audio file in Caja, click on 
Rename, and then copy the name to the clipboard. The way this always 
used to work before several minutes ago is that the filename, not 
including the extension, is highlighted. I copy that, then apply the 
rename procedure to the .doc and .xls files, pasting in the name of the 
audio file.

Not too long ago this afternoon (maybe a half an hour) something 
changed. When I right-click on a file in Caja, and click on Rename, the 
entire filename plus extension is highlighted. There appears to be no 
way to unhighlight the extension. This makes it impossible to use copy 
and past to rename a file. Oddly, the behavior is different on the 
desktop. There I can rename the way I used to be able to in Caja.

So, I have a work around, but it's annoying.

I thought about using rename, and copying the file name to a text file, 
editing it there and renaming the other two files as appropriate. When I 
pasted the filename, I got the entire pathname, starting with /home.

During this time I've logged out and back in, and ran some upgrades that 
required a restart. Neither logging out nor restarting changed the 
behavior of Caja.

Very weird.

Any ideas on what happened and how to fix it?

Ubuntu MATE 18.04


Dick Steffens

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