[PLUG-TALK] cat5e cable: solid or stranded?

alan at clueserver.org alan at clueserver.org
Wed Nov 13 10:50:01 PST 2019

> On 11/13/19 10:00 AM, Rich Shepard wrote:
>> I want to build some cat5e cables. Should I buy solid or stranded wire
>> cables?
> Are you certain you want to build your own?  Monoprice has inexpensive
> patch cables in nearly any color and length you could want.
> Anyway, the quick summary of Mel's Black Box link is that if it's going
> in a wall, you want solid, but if you're connecting from the wall or a
> switch/router to a computer, you want stranded.

Don't make your own unless you absolutely have to. I built a cable once
where I nicked a wire. Troubleshooting that was a nightmare.

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