[PLUG-TALK] Fed Ex fail

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Sun Sep 22 05:54:40 PDT 2019

On Sat, 21 Sep 2019, Keith Lofstrom wrote:

> I could hope they go bankrupt and are bought by someone responsible, but I
> hoped that for Frontier Telecom NW, and instead they got bought by Wave.

Then we would refer to the combined carriers as FedUp.

> On Friday, the package departed Troutdale for "FEDEX SMARTPOST KENT, WA".
> The package departed FedEx Kent early this morning, with "Shipping
> information sent to U.S. Postal Service 97005". A 350 mile round trip.

Well, charging for storage and random movement justifies increases in postal
rates. It takes 2 days for mail from Reno, NV to reach Troutdale, OR but 3
days for mail from North Plains, OR to reach Troutdale, OR. Go figure.

While you have a 99 vs 96 issue with an apparent dyslectic carrier, the
geniuses at Troutdale's Planning Dept. in the early '80s assigned the same
house number to two adjacent streets: 22nd and 23rd. We frequently get each
other's mail (mostly me getting their mail) because the sorter looks at
house number and the first digit of the street and throws it in my bin.

The worst experience I've had with mail was in Palatka, FL. in the late '80s
I'd not received mail for a while and happened to purchase and install my
first telephone answering machine. When I checked the machine upon returning
from work the next day there was a message from a credit card company that
their statement had been returned to them marked "moved, left no forwarding
address" and they asked me to call and give them the new address.

I hadn't moved. The carrier just decided to do that to all my mail. I wrote
to the Postmaster General (mailing the letter directly from the post
office). A few days later the Palatka postmistress called me for a meeting.
She apologized, told me the carrier had done this before to others and had
been shifted to another route (again). They couldn't fire him. And, she had
to respond to the Postmaster General how she resolved the issue.

It took me a while to tell everyone I remained at the same address and had
not moved. A serious PITA.


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