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I had forgotten about Operation Mockingbird:


I take everything with a grain of Salt.


Paul W.

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> >https://www.allsides.com/media-bias/media-bias-ratings
> That's a good site, although I didn't gain much from it that I didn't
> already know. Interestingly, they rate PBS as unbiased.
> As one who started public school in 1950 my parents, the teachers, in
> fact, all the adults around me had lived through WW2 and were victims of
> McCarthyism, rampant at the time. The ability to discern propaganda was
> inculcated into an entire generation of American children. The adults
> didn't do so well with diversity; that task fell to my generation, and
> we're still working on it. But to this day I must question everything.
> I can still hear the refrain from adults: 'just because someone says
> something doesn't mean it's true.' Perhaps children today will gain the
> same skepticism of the media, although nowadays 'propaganda' is called
> 'fake news.'
> I find the propaganda today to be much more subtle than in previous
> decades. Case in point: Judy Woodruff is in the Senate for the trial, a
> republican senator says something, she repeats it and, as she finishes
> she heaves a great sigh and the look on her face is disgust and
> disbelief. She didn't 'say' anything; a transcript would show no bias
> in her remarks.
> Discourse analysis is a relatively young field in linguistics, where
> the goal is to figure out how a conversation works, including the
> subtle clues - tone of voice, gestures, and the like. It's not to my
> liking; I prefer less squishy subjects like phonology and syntax. So far
> it has been applied mostly to studying classroom interactions, but it
> has an important role in the matter of television dissemination of
> information.
> Now that it is morning and my head is clearer I must add that I may
> have been too harsh on la Woodruff. Her personal biases are obvious, but
> I admit that I don't know how much control she personally has over the
> broadcast. Choosing which stories to report on may not be her option,
> for example, let alone which reporters to hire.
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