[PLUG-TALK] Violence

John Jason Jordan johnxj at gmx.com
Mon Jun 1 20:55:43 PDT 2020

On Mon, 1 Jun 2020 19:52:18 -0700
Denis Heidtmann <denis.heidtmann at gmail.com> dijo:

>That is a terrible thing.  I am glad that he hit your arm, not your
>head. Your question, is any place safe, is certainly appropriate.  Do
>you suppose that the passersby knew the culprit?

I suspect that the passers by knew the assailant, or at least had seen
him; that is, according to the police the assailant was probably living
down along the freeway. From the east and west ends of the Ainsworth /
I-5 overpass one can just walk down to the freeway. There are always
homeless people down there, and I suspect that the passers by were also
homeless people, which also explains why the witness didn't stick

>I just read an opinion piece from the Guardian.  They distinguish
>between violence toward property and violence toward people.  They
>make the case that only the latter should be considered violence.
>Then they offer that almost all of the violence these last few days
>has been perpetrated by the police.  Could be, but you are a survivor
>who might disagree.

The Guardian is nuts. If you harm someone's property the judicial
penalty is less than if you harm the person. Both are violence. If you
want to change the names of the crimes it doesn't change the nature of
the crime. As for the police, the Portland police have had their not so
stellar incidents, but I'll take my chances with them over most of
their brethren in other cities.

>Do you have any reason to associate your attack with the present
>conditions?  Why do you suppose that the witnesses did not assist you,
>or even speak to you?  Do you have any hope that the culprit will ever
>be identified?

The assailant was white, about 25 years old. He struck at my left
shoulder because I was wearing a sling on my left arm. In other words,
my guess is that he was trying to aggravate my injury. I would bet that
he was on some kind of drug. Otherwise his attack makes no sense - he
made no demands for money, no claims that I had aggrieved him somehow -
in fact, he said nothing at all.

I hope the police can capture the individual, but I have little hope
that they will. They asked me to give them a description, but during
the incident it did not occur to me to catalog his physical
characteristics. The police were probably hoping that I could supply
them with a photo, as I had my phone in my hand when they arrived. It
did not occur to me to take his picture, but if I had he might have
grabbed my phone and stomped it to pieces.

Since the assailant is doubtless homeless he has nothing to lose. If
the police do manage to capture him it is doubtful that they will be
able to keep him off the streets for long. That is the part that I find
disturbing. He will just attack someone else.

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