[PLUG-TALK] Maybe I want a tablet

John Jason Jordan johnxj at gmx.com
Wed Oct 27 11:29:30 PDT 2021

I read with interest Rich's thread on 11-12.9" tablets, but his needs
are not the same as mine.

I want a tablet mostly for reading in my recliner, on the other end of
the room from my computers. A wire connection would be inconvenient,
something to trip over, but a wifi connection would do nicely.

I'd love it to run Linux, but from what I've found, that would likely be
difficult. There's Ubuntu Touch, but it's fully supported on only
a couple of really small and old tablets. I'll probably have to settle
for Android. As for size, I want to see a full page of a novel in a
readable font size, so I figure 11" or better. I don't plan to use it
for video, or for surfing the net, although using my Bluetooth
audiophile headphones might be occasionally handy. I don't think I need
things like a keyboard, although I might consider a wireless mouse.
Storage is unimportant as long as it has a USB-C port. I'm not
interested at all in a cell phone enabled tablet.

I might take it with me to PSU, but otherwise it will stay next to the

Lately I have considered a Lenovo: https://www.ebay.com/p/6044246457

The seller above is a private party, but this same tablet is offered
on eBay directly from Lenovo, whose price varies from $279 to $499,
currently $349, brand new.

I considered a Chromebook, but the keyboard makes it heavy and
clumsy. Holding it up in front of me for a couple hours would be too
much. I also thought of a Kindle, but too limiting and proprietary.

Comments and suggestions welcome, especially from people who already
use a tablet.

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