[PLUG] Put an End to Word Attachments

Dave dave at pakled.mmcc.cx
Wed Apr 10 00:38:31 PDT 2002

My initial reaction to seeing 'Attachments bleh.doc (application/x-msword)' is 
annoyance.  But you know what?  I figure anyone sending me a word document is 
sending me some information I really want (.. or infected with ILOVEYOU or 
spinoff ..).  So instead of placing any real weight on what RMS says with 
regard to zealotry, I visit freshmeat and do a quick search.


These sorts of things I consider far, far better for the open-source community 
that stubborn refusal to play nice with others.  Sure, in the realm of MS Word 
documents, it puts the open source community 'one step behind'.  But then, how 
many windows-based tools for (La)TeX do you see?  We've got our hard-to-
implement standards, windows has theirs.  In a perfect world, we'd all be using 
CSS and XML for everything. ;)


Quoting "Tyler F. Creelan" <creelan at engr.orst.edu>:

> > I intend to use it only to read winWord docs sent
> > to me and to work with templates created in winWord.
> Please do not accept word documents if they are emailed to you!
> It is possible to work around this inconvenience, but you would do the
> free software community, Mac Users, WordPerfect Users and everyone
> non-Microsft a big favor by rejecting them! For example, see what Stallman
> writes at:
> http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/no-word-attachments.html
> Personally I send out the message below. I used to worry about whether
> this was impolite or not, but then I realized it was far more impolite
> to let people continue sending word attachments without being aware of the
> issues. Yes, I've sent this to my boss, and my boss's boss, professors,
> even prospective employers. I've almost always gotten a positive response.
> This is a serious issue: if you can, please pitch in and reject word
> attachments.

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