[PLUG] Trying to ID a spammer...

Stuart Mathews smathews at pcez.com
Wed Jun 5 15:02:06 PDT 2002

I wonder how often spammers send their stuff to skilled crackers, and then
pay the price. Surely even crackers get unwanted email from time to time.  To
crack into a spammer's box, wouldn't you have to, along the way, crack into
at least one ISP as well, to find files and logs and such leading back to the
spammer?  That would be impossibly difficult I would think.

> On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Stuart Mathews wrote:
> > I've been told that trying to identify spammers is a waste of
> > time.  Since losing my job at IBM, I have the time and wanted to
> > see what I could find about "inbox.org," who wants me to
> > refinance my house.
> >
> > The spam is from rachel at inbox.org.  I suppose if you're going to
> > use phony names, "Rachel" is as good as any.  The offer is to
> > refi my house, has the usual opt-out info, and a disclaimer.
> Send the email -- with full headers -- to abuse at inbox.com. You can hope
> that company has a use policy that forbids spam.
> Setup either a free account which gives you spam reporting privaleges or a
> paying account ($30/year) which gives you preferred reporting, an email
> account, and I believe a few other benefits. See http://spamcop.net/
> You can setup an account just provding your email address and then you can
> forward spam to a certain email address at spamcop -- with full headers --
> and it will analyze the spam and determine the various abuse/postmaster
> addresses to send it to.
> If you wanted to devote your energy to the battle against spam, then
> consider getting an account there and then sending every piece of spam you
> get to spamcop.
> Another good resource for anti-spam info is http://www.stopspam.org/
> I have an idea for what I think would be an amusing science fiction story.
> Perhaps you could be the super hero in it? :-)
> In this story, this guy decides to devote his life to fighting spam. He is
> kind of a cross between Case and Clint Eastwood. That is, he jacks in and
> attacks the systems of spammers.
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