[PLUG] logs not rotating

Dean S. Messing deanm at sharplabs.com
Fri Jun 7 11:20:10 PDT 2002

 :: > there should be a line in /etc/cron.daily that says logrotate, This will
 :: > get run when the run-parts  daily script runs. 
 ::   I'm confused, Doug. /etc/cron.daily/ is a directory (as are the other
 :: /etc/cron.*/). It contains:
 :: cron.daily:
 :: 1postfix*        dailyscript*  makewhatis.cron*  tetex.cron*   tmpwatch*
 :: check-packages*  logrotate*    slocate.cron*     tetex.cron.rpmorig*
 ::   The run-parts daily script. /etc/cron.daily/dailyscript, has nothing about
 :: logrotate in it.
 ::   What do other RH installations have to rotate logs?
 :: Thanks,
 :: Rich


Have a look again at /etc/crontab.  There you will see that
cron fires up `run-parts' on each of cron.{daily,weekly,monthly,...}
at the appropriate time.  It's run-parts that does the important work
of running each of the scripts in the cron.{...} diretories.

Now edit $(which run-parts) and you will  see how it works.


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