[PLUG] Advice on switches for home network

Kyle Accardi sandbox at pacifier.com
Sat Jun 8 22:30:58 PDT 2002

Most will work a-okay.  Some have loud fans, some have no fans.  To me, 
quite is best.  Don't think they're available at Fry's, but the Intel 
InBusiness line of hubs and switches work fine and meet my dB criteria.

When I bought my 8-port switch it was cheaper than the 8-port hub.  You 
probably want a switch unless you have a good reason for having a hub. 
(Packet sniffing is better with a hub, but performance is generally better 
with a switch.)

As far as features go, unless you get into managed hubs/switches, they are 
all similiar.  I'd go for 8 ports at least, your setup will need 5 all 
ready.  10/100 gives you flexibility.  I have some hubs/switches that are 
soley one or the other and they sit unused.

Kyle Accardi

Stuart Mathews wrote:
> I'm hoping to avoid unnecessary pitfalls of setting up a small
> network.
> I have a DSL connection with a 2 Linux PCs, and will soon add a
> Thinkpad and a printer. I'll need some kind of switch to link
> everything up. Any ideas as to what they cost, what features I
> need to keep an eye out for, as well as advices on who makes good
> (bad!) switches? I'm guessing I'll probably see the best
> selection at Fry's??
> Thanks,
> Stuart

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