[PLUG] Re: [lug] Everything you wanted to know about Linux security and aren'tafraid to ask (was: Linux /Windows virus appears)

Matt Alexander m at netpro.to
Sun Jun 9 18:40:30 PDT 2002

On 9 Jun 2002, Russ Johnson wrote:

> On Sun, 2002-06-09 at 17:25, Matt Alexander wrote:
> > What's so stupid about reading root's email while logged in as root?
> root's email shouldn't go to a "root" mailbox. It should be redirected,
> either to a special (unprivileged) account, or it should go to the
> sysadmins regular email account.

Which is what I do.  All root messages are redirected to me.  This is
convenient since I don't have to login as root to get the messages (log
messages are sent to a remote logging server anyway, so there's not much
mail for root), but I still don't see what's so insecure about having a
root mailbox.  Maybe there's some glaringly obvious security hole I'm
overlooking right now...

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