[PLUG] Motherboard sound

Paul Johnston pjohnston at inetarena.com
Thu Jun 13 00:36:05 PDT 2002

My old Linux box is down, so I'm building a new one.  My question arises
from the fact that I will be changing from an old motherboard to a new one.

Since I'm buying parts for a Linux (RH7.3) system, compatibility is my
prime concern.  My new box will be based on a Athlon XP 1800+ CPU and DDR
RAM.  The good folks at Pacific Solutions told me that the most common
Linux motherboard issue is sound drivers.

I am not a gamer and have been quite happy with my simple Ensoniq PCI128
sound card (SB-compatible) for about seven years.  It was supported by Red
Hat 5.2.

Should I get a motherboard without built-in sound (or with built-in sound
disabled) and use a simple sound card with known support for Linux?  Is the
driver problem due to the built-in sound, or is it due to the fact that the
most current Linux distros may not support the most current sound technology?

Thanks for your help.
Linux in every box, and C.S. Lewis in every bookpile.

Paul Johnston

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