[PLUG] Network routing

Stafford A. Rau srau at rauhaus.org
Tue Jun 25 15:53:06 PDT 2002

* Russell Senior <seniorr at aracnet.com> [020624 18:30]:
> >>>>> "Mike" == Mike Russell <miker at netsailer.com> writes:
> Mike> maybe I am wrong, but I thought the "" IP block was
> Mike> non-routing.
> Russell> Define "non-routing".
> Mike> you can not ping from a 192.168.x.x network to a 192.168.n.x
> Mike> network like you can with a public IP block, or telnet and HTTP.
> In that case, you are wrong.  You just can't address them _across_ a
> public network, where "public network" is defined as the routers that
> don't route those addresses.  ;-)
> On your private network, you can route anything you want in just about
> any way you want.

And to further muddy the waters, ip networking devices don't inherently
care about RFC-1918 networks (,, and,
unless we make them care via access lists, filtering, etc.


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