[PLUG] Switching from Linux ?

Kaile Riser kaile at centerspan.com
Wed Apr 30 09:32:02 PDT 2003

In general, yes... However, a good friend of mine runs jails that he
creates virtual filesystems for... He makes an image of a fresh jail,
starts it up, configures it how he wants, runs it normally, and
periodically saves it back to the image file. He also runs read-only
images so that when he shuts down the jail, it goes back to the original
configuration. It's really flexible.


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On Thu, 2003-04-24 at 10:29, Kaile Riser wrote:
> There is an equivalent. It's called Jail (and upcoming Jail NG).

This is great information. Thanks.

I see that Jail allows an independent process tree to be
established, thus providing the insulation needed if I
were running daemons that I don't trust, but it appears
that the Jail does not provide an independent file system
for the independent process tree. Is my understanding

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