[PLUG] Booting from CD-ROM/USB with old BIOS

Aaron Ten Clay aaron at madebyai.com
Sun Jan 1 04:37:46 PST 2006

Happy new year everyone!

I have a few older systems around, which predate the El Torito and USB
booting standards. A while back I found a really cool boot disk which is
basically a bootloader - it just presents a menu of all logical devices on
the system (including CD-ROMs) and allows you to boot from any of them, even
on systems whos BIOSes don't support CD-ROM booting.

Having recently lost my bookmarks, I've been unable to find again the
program which creates the disk again. I've also misplaced the disk :( I've
been googling for almost an hour now - I can't remember the name of the
product. All I remember is that to create the floppy I had to be in windows,
and run the program with a single commandline argument of '0' to specify the
first removable disk drive as the target.

I was thinking it was hosted at sourceforge (I believe it was opensource)
but I looked through all the projects at sourceforge with the word 'boot' in
them. Does anyone know the name of the product I'm talking about? If not,
something I could use instead to accomplish the same thing?

Thanks in advance!

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