[PLUG] Chroot

John Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sun Jan 1 15:12:36 PST 2006

OK, I finally decided to brave the chroot waters. My goal was (is) to 
install Acrobat Reader 7.0 on my Ubuntu-64 Breezy laptop. I found 
instructions for installing chroot at:
Amazingly, I managed to get all the way through it without errors. I 
now have a /chroot directory. I managed to get Syanptic32 loaded 
and, lo and behold, Acrobat Reader 7.0 was listed. (It is not listed 
in 64-bit Synaptic.) 

I installed it and everything seemed to go OK. But at the very end 
of the instructions they explained how to use Synaptic32 to install 
applications. They used Flash as the example. Well, when it 
comes to French I suck. I just couldn't quite figure out the last part; 
that is, I think I have Acrobat Reader 7.0 installed in chroot, but I 
can't figure out how to launch it. Something about links that I don't 

Another curiousity -- I can't find the executable file under chroot. 
The only files labeled "acroread" are a shell script and an 
executable, bot of which were installed previously when I was trying 
to install Acrobat Reader before installing chroot. I have no idea 
where Synaptic32 put the files. Or did it just link to the original 
ones? Or what?

In any event, typing "acroread" does nothing. I just get "command 
not found." Doing it as sudo has the same effect. Double-clicking 
on the script or on the executable also does nothing.

I'm sure there is a trick to this that a n00bie like me hasn't figured 
out yet.

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