[PLUG] Personal Check Register Software

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Mon Jan 2 08:51:33 PST 2006

   I've used gnucash for several years and I really like the pragmatic
interface without useless eye candy. Unfortunately, it no longer runs with
Slackware-10.2. I spent more than 5 hours yesterday trying to resolve the
gnome dependencies, but gave up when it wanted a different version of glib.

   The fellow who packaged gnucash-1.8.11 for Slackware-10.1 wrote back to me
that he, too, has given up trying to get the latest gnucash to work with the
latest Slackware. He's moved to KMyMoney (Gack! Horrible name!). Is anyone
here using it? Apparently, it will import the gnucash data files so that's a
point in its favor. Will I get into a KDE dependency hell trying to get this
up and running?

   How about QHacc ... anyone here using that? It, like KMyMoney, uses the Qt
library and is loaded with functionless eye candy of icons just because it
can be done with that widget collection.

   Are there other options for double-entry personal bookkeeping? A ncurses
interface would satisfy me, too.



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