[PLUG] Personal Checkbook Software: Follow Up

Rich Shepard rshepard at appl-ecosys.com
Tue Jan 3 12:47:17 PST 2006

On Tue, 3 Jan 2006, Carla Schroder wrote:

> But it does not print checks, which for me is a fatal flaw.


   OK. I've never printed personal checks from any of the personal checkbook
software I've used since 1986. I do, however, print business checks and
SQL-Ledger keeps getting better and better at this. Dieter's added real batch
printing capabilities with a "select all" button as well as being able to
select individual payable checks.

> Another fatal flaw is its QIF import sucks rocks, and its reporting is too
> limited for my needs.

   Isn't QuackBooks import a one-time event?

> Otherwise it's a darned nice-looking application, with an excellent
> interface, reminders, and it manages multiple accounts gracefully. If you
> don't print checks or need QIF imports, KMyMoney is good.

   I don't need either. I find the UI too mouse dependent. The date fields are
spinner widgets, but the user cannot highlight the entire date (or an
individual field) and type in the correct value. Instead, each field (year,
month, day) must be individually highlighted and the arrow controllers used
to change the value. I guess this makes Windows users comfortable, but I find
it very slow and inefficient.

> I've been using Moneydance for over a year now, and I like it a lot. My
> finances are complex, so anything that saves me time and hassles is a good
> thing. The most recent update provides good reporting, and the user mail
> list is helpful and friendly.

   There's also QHacc and another one from France that has a name something
like 'grisle'. I'm still disappointed that the gnucash crew won't keep that
working in Slackware and Debian. I liked it much better.


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