Resolved: [PLUG] Konqueror auto-complete(?)

Richard C. Steffens rsteff at
Fri Jan 6 10:40:06 PST 2006

Eric Wilhelm wrote:

> # from Richard C. Steffens
>>Does anyone know where this information is kept?
>>(What Konqueror uses to complete forms.) 
> .kde/share/apps/khtml/formcompletions

Thanks. That's the file. I tried moving it out of that directory and 
restarting Konqueror, but the old information returned. I guess I would 
have had to shut down Konqueror first, then moved the file, in order to 
get a blank one. I was able to get away with editing the file, deleting 
the contents, and then saving the file. I'll go back later and try to 
find the specific information I want removed. For now, I know where to 
look, and I've eliminated the extra entries from the form I use frequently.

Thanks again.


Dick Steffens

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