[PLUG] how to move pointer between screens?

Russell Senior seniorr at aracnet.com
Sat Jan 7 22:55:17 PST 2006

>>>>> "Rogan" == Rogan Creswick <creswick at gmail.com> writes:

Russell> Suppose you have two non-xinerama screens in X.  They are
Russell> both displaying properly, but you don't know how to move the
Russell> mouse pointer from one screen to the other.  Ug, how do that
Russell> thing, ug?  Have googled unfruitfully.

Rogan> Move it to the edge ;) I'm assuming you've tried moving it to
Rogan> the obvious edge, but have you tried moving the pointer off the
Rogan> other three screen edges? It may be that your multi-screen
Rogan> setup is not configured to reflect your physical setup. (it may
Rogan> think your monitors are stacked one above the other, for
Rogan> example.)

They aren't "joined" screens, they are separate.  And, yes, the user
has tried moving the pointer in all directions.

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