[PLUG] Would like to find a rackmount UPS locally

fh hillsboro linux at frankhunt.com
Sat Jan 14 11:12:49 PST 2006

Check with FreeGeek.  I volunteer there and they have a large pile of UPS's.

m0gely wrote:

> My church is doing some upgrades and I have been doing my best to try 
> and save them some money.  We are looking for a UPS to go into a 19" 
> Dell rack.  The UPS doesn't have to be rack mount but it would be best 
> for how I would like the cabinet laid out.
> Most other things I have acquired online in some form but the shipping 
> on these heavier items can add up.  Does anyone know a place locally 
> that sells used units for decent prices?  Or maybe works at a company 
> that is willing to make a charitable donation of one?  I am looking 
> for at least an APC 1500, but would prefer an APC 3000.  I can replace 
> the batteries if needed, but the price should reflect that.  I haven't 
> tried Freegeek, it just seems like they wouldn't have anything like 
> this, but maybe I will give them a shot.
> P.S. If you are a company that is willing to donate, I have a few more 
> items I would like to get as well, but I will wait and see how this 
> turns out.

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