[PLUG] Visio on Linux?

Alan alan at clueserver.org
Mon Jan 16 22:38:28 PST 2006

On Mon, 2006-01-16 at 22:30 -0800, John Jordan wrote:
> OK, no way do I want to defile my pretty little Ubuntu laptop by 
> running a Microsoft app on it, even if I did it with wine or something. 
> But I really could use an app that had the structured drawing 
> features of Visio. Does anyone know of any thing remotely like 
> Viso for Linux?

Check out http://www.thekompany.com/products/kivio/

kivio may also be included in some later versions of kde.  (Not
certain.)  Looks like a good visio replacement.  I don't know if it will
read the visio file format.  It would be nice, but...

Dia is also available, but may be too primitive for your needs.

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