[PLUG] Visio on Linux?

John Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Tue Jan 17 16:06:05 PST 2006

On 17 Jan 2006, at 11:57, Jason R. Martin wrote:

> Would something like Inkscape work for what you're trying to do?

I've had Inkscape installed just about ever since I started using 
Linux last summer. It's really nice, but designed for just single-
image files, like Illustrator. I need to do documents that might get 
to 20-30 pages or more, with diagrams interspersed in the text. The 
diagrams are all simple, but they need to have a certain uniformity 
to them. 

Furthermore, even if I tried to use Inkscape to create the drawings, 
it uses SVG file format, which nothing else seems to be able to 
use (not OO.o). I can't even copy and paste from it into anything 
else that I might be able to use for the text.

What I really need is a simple vector drawing app that has 
excellent text capabilities, and is a GUI. OpenOffice.org comes the 
closest, but it takes me a long time to position the graphics. The 
problem is that I am using it as I work on projects in linguistics. 
This means that I make a lot of mistakes and need to redo the 
drawing after I figure out where I went wrong. Each time I need to 
do that I have rebuild just about the entire page. Moreover, the final 
results are not as good as I'd like, because it's really hard to line 
up the diagrams with the text, both horizontally and vertically. 
Others in my classes have suggested Visio, which is why I started 
out asking for a Visio clone for Linux. Visio is really designed for 
flow charts, which is very similar to what I need to do.

Maybe I should have asked for a flow chart application. :(

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