[PLUG] Visio on Linux?

David Fetter david.fetter at fetterconsulting.com
Tue Jan 17 16:30:46 PST 2006

If you actually have a copy of visio and would just prefer to use it
under linux, you could just get Crossover Office from

On Tue, 2006-01-17 at 16:06 -0800, John Jordan wrote:
> On 17 Jan 2006, at 11:57, Jason R. Martin wrote:
> > Would something like Inkscape work for what you're trying to do?
> I've had Inkscape installed just about ever since I started using 
> Linux last summer. It's really nice, but designed for just single-
> image files, like Illustrator. I need to do documents that might get 
> to 20-30 pages or more, with diagrams interspersed in the text. The 
> diagrams are all simple, but they need to have a certain uniformity 
> to them. 
> Furthermore, even if I tried to use Inkscape to create the drawings, 
> it uses SVG file format, which nothing else seems to be able to 
> use (not OO.o). I can't even copy and paste from it into anything 
> else that I might be able to use for the text.
> What I really need is a simple vector drawing app that has 
> excellent text capabilities, and is a GUI. OpenOffice.org comes the 
> closest, but it takes me a long time to position the graphics. The 
> problem is that I am using it as I work on projects in linguistics. 
> This means that I make a lot of mistakes and need to redo the 
> drawing after I figure out where I went wrong. Each time I need to 
> do that I have rebuild just about the entire page. Moreover, the final 
> results are not as good as I'd like, because it's really hard to line 
> up the diagrams with the text, both horizontally and vertically. 
> Others in my classes have suggested Visio, which is why I started 
> out asking for a Visio clone for Linux. Visio is really designed for 
> flow charts, which is very similar to what I need to do.
> Maybe I should have asked for a flow chart application. :(
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