[PLUG] ???? on Linux?

AthlonRob athlonrob at axpr.net
Wed Jan 18 22:48:30 PST 2006

Eric Wilhelm wrote:
> Judging from all of your requirements, I really don't 
> think Visio is what you're looking for either.

Indeed.  After reading this thread, I don't think software exists that's
going to do exactly what John wants.

I think a graphical front end to LaTeX would come closest if he would
take the time to learn it and honestly give it a chance.  People who sit
back and don't try something suggested to them because they *think* it
will be too hard just PISS ME OFF.  Seriously.

John, you're going to have to make some concessions here.  There are two
things at stake, I think:  You want diagrams and paragraphs, and you
want them laid out *exactly* in the pixels you think they should be laid
out in.

You can make the diagrams now, correct?

You can make the paragraphs.

What you need now is to bring them together.  Export the diagrams as
graphics to be imported in to your word processor.  Now, what are you
going to use for a word processor?  You have two real choices here... a
lazy word processor like OpenOffice or something more advanced that
really allows you the complicated formatting you want like a LaTeX
front-end.  Pick one, please.

I don't think an intermediate ground exists.

Thank you and have a nice day!


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