[PLUG] Another Firefox Issue

Matt Alexander lowbassman at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 09:39:58 PST 2006

Rich Shepard wrote:
>    When I invoke firefox-1.5 a message box pops up telling me that the 
> chrome
> registration failed. Searching Google for that term shows me that a 
> lot of
> people are experiencing the same issue ... but not getting any answers to
> their questions of how to resolve it.
>    I found one Web site that explained the concept of chrome, but did not
> explicitly tell me where to insert a manifest file with the magical
> incantations that will make this warning message go away.
>    Does anyone here know what's to be done?

What extensions do you have installed?  Are they all compatible with 1.5?
Try going to "Tools -> Extensions -> Find Updates"

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