[PLUG] What happened to my disk?

Kevin Cosgrove kevinc at doink.com
Mon Jan 23 11:51:21 PST 2006

The other day I tried to start an Xterm on my system.  But, I
couldn't because .Xauthority wasn't writable.  It turned out that
/home (/dev/hda7) wasn't writable, nor could I make it writable
by remounting it; there was "trouble" with the filesystem.  After
a bit of searching newsgroup archives I decided it would be
good to run memtest86, run smartctl testing, and fsck the disk.
Memory testing lasted for days and turned up zero failures.
smartctl testing said that everything was OK. fsck found a "zero
time" file and repaired it, but then fsck got stuck and wouldn't
proceed beyond 89.6%.

This is in a fairly new system which I built from parts.  I just
installed Mandriva 2006 on it at the end of November.  I had a
bunch of system lock-ups while troubleshooting my MDV2006 system.
The source of the lock-ups turned out to be bad free and non-free
drivers for my ATI Radeon card.  Those lock-ups required that I
power off the system.  At the next power-up I would (nearly?)
always see a fsck due to my unclean shutdown.  This happened
probably 25-40 times.

After fixing the ATI driver problem, thanks to Mandriva's
"December Club" release, I had the system running for a couple
weeks solid before I noticed an error.

As I see it, I now have two choices.  I can make a new filesystem
on /dev/hda7 and move on like nothing happened.  Or, I can try to
send this 1 year old Seagate 200GB Barracuda back under warranty.
What would you fine folks suggest?



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