[PLUG] Appliance Computer Distro? Cheap computers?

m0gely m0gely at telestream.com
Mon Jan 23 12:02:08 PST 2006

Keith Lofstrom wrote:

> A friend recently suffered a computer roasting, and needs another.
> All she uses the computer for is web browsing and email from her
> AOL account (which I assume can be accessed via a web browser).
> No word processor, spreadsheet, anything.

The whole machine is roasted?  All of it?  Every single bit?  Seriously? 
  I think the rest of what you mentioned you should be careful about. 
*Only* needing a browser is quite a statement.  I predict phone calls to 
you like "I can't open this attachment", think pdf, zip, important .doc 
file from someone.  It's easy to say a person just does basic web and 
email on their computer, but there are usually many other underlying 
needs as well.  And are you sure the machine is completely fried?  You 
can't just get a new <insert computer component here>?  However, you 
know her, I don't.  Just spouting off.

- m0gely
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