[PLUG] PHP verses JSP and servlets...

Richard C. Steffens rsteff at comcast.net
Thu Jan 26 09:32:10 PST 2006

Kurt Sussman wrote:
> plug_0 at robinson-west.com (plug_0 at robinson-west.com) typed this ...
>>Okay, I hear the PHP has security problems.
> No, developers have security problems. The shortest path to a web app in
> any language on any platform is insecure. You can write slow, fragile
> and insecure code in any language. You can write robust and secure code
> in most languages. But it requires planning and thought and experience.

I've heard the same thing about there being security problems with PHP. 
Do you know of a site on the web, or a book, that shows an example of 
insecure PHP code, and how to make it secure?


Dick Steffens

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