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m0gely m0gely at telestream.com
Fri Jan 27 10:19:35 PST 2006

Paul Heinlein wrote:

> Has anyone here used the Win32 client or the service offered by 
> glance.net? Our marketing folks are interested, so I'd love any direct 
> feedback on the software and/or service.

It appears there is no client for that service.  From what I read it 
seems the source has the application installed and streams his desktop 
to glance.net.  The client(s) who wish to see that persons desktop type 
in a web address to see the stream coming from glance.net.  So they are 
proxying the stream.  Sounds like MS Live Meeting but cheaper.  Probably 
not a great option if you view your company data as highly secretive.

- m0gely
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