[PLUG] Linux Clinic at Freegeek

John Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Sun Jan 29 16:46:05 PST 2006

On 29 Jan 2006, at 16:14, Keith Lofstrom wrote:

> I don't want to lead this, but I can contribute and participate.  I
> suggest that we put together a list of volunteers that can help the
> "keymaster" by learning the layout and directing attendees to the loo
> and cleaning up afterwards and such.  Given how much work this was for
> our previous Linux Clinic hosts, I would suggest at least 6 people,
> each committed to being there at least 8 months out of 12 during the
> year.  I volunteer, so we need 5 more.  Remember, this is a
> commitment, so that means giving up other things for one Sunday a
> month.  The fearless leader will need to be there pretty much every
> month.

As long as the volunteers don't all have to be Linux experts, I will 
be one of the six. I can be there probably every month. However, I 
don't think I can handle being the supreme leader -- I'm more cut 
out to be a drone than the queen.

And I'll also bring the goodies, even enough to leave a surplus for 
the Free Geek people. In fact, letting everyone know there will 
always be goodies might increase attendance. :)

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