[PLUG] Laser Printer Cartridge Refill

Jim Karlock Jkarlock at earthlink.net
Mon Jan 30 08:38:45 PST 2006

At 03:44 PM 1/28/06 , you wrote:
>Can anyone recommend a local service that refills the toner for laser
>printer cartridges? The toner in my Samsung ML-2151N is getting low.

www.cfriends.com in Ceder Hills sells toner and other refill supplies as 
well as the cartridges. You can drop by and purchase over the counter.

For my HP printer the carts are around $120, refilled carts around $80 and 
refill kits around $20. Toner in 10 kilo bags (messy but cheap) brings this 
down to around $10 per refill (this is an unusually big cartridge).


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