[PLUG] Color inkjet - opinions solicited

Paul Johnson baloo at ursine.ca
Tue Jan 31 23:42:55 PST 2006

On Tuesday 31 January 2006 10:41, Carla Schroder wrote:

> Epson dye-based inks clog printer heads and cost you mega-monies, though
> they are gorgeous when they deign to work right. Canon hates Linux, but the
> TurboPrint drivers work great, and Canons are good print quality and
> reasonably economical.

On the other hand, most of the cost of an Epson printer is the print head, and 
they're relatively inexpensive make compared to the output they produce.  
While the ink refills are tricker to find than HP, they're less expensive.  
This is largely because HP inkjet printers have their print heads as a part 
of the cartridge (thus making the heads themselves a consumable that last 
only as long as the ink does by design).  Epson puts the print head into the 
printer, you just plug a new ink tank into the print head on the carriage.

> I just ran into an issue with Ubuntu Breezy where the default installation
> of CUPS does not see the Gutenprint drivers. Now really- doesn't anyone do
> even a rudimentary test to see if things work before releasing them?

Ubuntu has a long history of taking software from Debian Sid without 
additional testing it and calling it good (frequently without even changing 
the maintainer name, even if someone else supposedly maintains the kyped 
packages, so the Debian maintainers end up getting all the complaints from 
pissed Ubuntu users...).  

The same problem is present in Debian Sid, and I recall finding a workaround 
for that situation when I was setting up my printer.  However, I'd have to go 
back and find my notes from last fall to remember how I did it.

> Please note how I am not saying bad things about Best Buy. Though I want
> to. :)

Always get the full warranty with them.  Sure, they'll sell you dodgy 
hardware, but at least this way, they replace it.  My girlfriend has had a 
brand new, top of the line every few weeks for the last year and a half now.  
First laptop, she took it in to get a glitch fixed while I was out of town 
and she was pressed against a deadline.  She missed her deadline, Best Buy 
gave her a crapload of points and replaced her new laptop with a nicer new 
laptop after the technician knocked a venti mocha into her first one.  Now, 
she realizes they're clumsy oafs.  So she goes back for the free stuff.  

Almost every time she's been back in, they've dropped her laptop, or set a 
heavy appliance on it, or otherwise mangled it beyond what a trained monkey 
can fix. The upside is they always replace it with a newer laptop and recover 
the data off the one they broke, and give her a bunch of best buy points.  I 
think she might be getting close to enough to pay off the laptop in points 
alone by now...

Paul Johnson
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