[PLUG] I bought an iBook

m0gely mgill at canbyfoursquare.com
Sun Jan 10 21:04:38 PST 2010

Mel Andres wrote:
> Still on a bit of a learning curve. Have any of you also partaken of the
> forbidden fruit?
> I have a trial version of Parallels. I was able to install XP in a
> virtual machine, but like what's the point? Using my Debian Lenny
> install disk, to create a second vm. I am finding that it hangs shortly
> after asking for the repository  link.
> There are Mac specific user groups, for a fee. So, I thought I would ask
> for suggestions here first.

Did you try the Parallels forum?


Also, I second Virtual box. The current version is great. You're running 
on really old hardware to be doing virtualization though. What iBook is 
this specifically?


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