[PLUG] Looking for sys admin

Mike Connors mconnors1 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 17 22:23:14 PST 2010

Scott Garman wrote:
> Dwight Hubbard wrote:
>> I think it's an interesting idea, but I would be concerned about the small 
>> number of less than scrupulous recruiters posting a bunch of crap that would 
>> make it nearly useless for it's intended use.  Like nearly every job and 
>> resume site on the net.
> Personally I would never post my resume online. My LinkedIn profile has 
> a summary of my background and experience, but that's as far as I would go.
> The best way to avoid it is to never submit your resume if you don't 
> know where it's going. Craigslist postings that don't mention the 
> company name are red flags to be avoided in particular.
> I apologize if this post is a bit too off-topic.
Okay, this is starting to get a bit like the game "heard it through the 

Let me reiterate for clarification how this thread evolved and what the 
relevant points are:

1. A PLUG member post about a friend who is looking for some Sys Admin 
help and wants to know if he should (A) Post it to another mailing list 
and (B) Is it bad mailing list etiquette to post his resume.

2. I tell him about the [PLUG-jobs] list. Which for informal gigs/projs 
through people who are in some way associated w. PLUG might or might not 
be the most appropriate place...

3. The Orig Poster posts to plug-jobs

4. "Jackman" responds and asks if it's good mailing list etiquette to 
respond on the list w. his resume.

5. I throw out the idea of having a place where people who are 
interested in picking-up gigs/projs could post a short summary of their 
skills/experience with contact info for people who are affiliated with 
PLUG to go look at when then need to find a 'hired gun'.

6. A bunch of people freak out about unscrupulous recruiters, laws 
around job recruiting, and their personal opinion on the wheres, whats, 
and whys the post their post their work history.

So, let's try this again shall we?

Here's what I'm suggesting, a page on the PLUG site for PLUG members who 
are interested in picking up gigs/projs with people who are somehow 
affiliated w. PLUG.

Let me try to make a few things *crystal* clear...

1. This is *not* for recruiters nor is it for *job postings*.
2. If *you* are not interested in doing this, that's fine, don't do it, 
but I'm not interest in hearing excuses, horror stories, etc...
3. This is for the people that ask someone who is an existing PLUG 
member the question
"hey do you know someone who can do x, y, z".
And the PLUG member responds, "no, but go to the PLUG site and maybe 
someone who can do x, y, z and is looking for 'hired gun' work has a 
work skill/experience profile posted"
That person looking for the 'hired gun' goes to the PLUG web site, finds 
a person or two they think might be qualified and then contacts them.

Pretty simple, useful, and harmless, eh?

So, here's what I'm asking.

A. Is anyone interested in posting a brief summary of their 
skills/experience for 'hired gun' work for people who are in one or 
another associated with PLUG?

B. Who decides whether or not we can do something like this on the PLUG 
web site.

Thank you in advance for reading this thoroughly and responding 

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